For Bloom classes only (Sensory Art and Play, and Junior Science Explorers) please note the following operational procedures and COVID safety requirements for your information.

COVID Safety and Mask Requirements

Arrival and Departure:

Classes will be held during the transition/sanitizing period between play sessions in a dedicated classroom space. Students who arrive early will be asked to wait in the classroom as the play area is not open during the class time, and we kindly ask for you to depart immediately following class to discourage disruption to the play area that is being sanitized for the next play session.

Accompanying siblings will not be able to play in the play space during class, but can play quietly within the classroom area with a couple toys from home if desired.

Classroom Layout and Mask Requirements:

The classroom will be configured to allow each family/pod group to sit together with a minimum of 6’ distance between groups. There will not be any communal/group sensory activities and instead each child will receive their own individual sensory bin and class supplies. Because of this layout, children only will not be required to wear a mask during class. Adults are still required to wear masks during indoor classes.

We will aim to hold class outdoors as weather permits; in this case, while a 6’ distance is maintained during outdoor class activities, adult mask wearing is encouraged, but optional.